Double the space for
High School Students

Double the space for
6-8th Students

Double the space for
K-5th Students

This space will provide….

  • The opportunity to reach more students not yet in church in our communities.
  • The capacity to reach 100+ high school students weekly.
  • The ability to invest in 100+ middle school students on Sundays.
  • A second Highway 252 area allowing us to provide separate environments for older and younger students and better tailor the experience for each.
  • A better place for our growing college/20s experiences.
  • An outdoor area specifically designed to serve our students and their friends.

Every week there are 1,750 high school students not yet in church in our communities. This space is a place where our students can invite their friends and help them connect with Jesus. Creating this communicates to them that they matter to us!

This is designed as an indoor/outdoor space to help students build relationships with each other and their group leaders. Every student matters to God, and we want them to feel like they belong from the first time they show up!

How You Can Help

This project will cost approximately $1.2 million. If you’d like to invest in making it happen, complete the form below. Simply determine how much additional money beyond your current giving that you’re willing to give in the next twelve months. Share that amount with us to help us plan wisely for the project.

Note: We are not creating a separate fund to give money for the project. All money will be given to the general fund. If you wish to track how much you’ve given toward the project, we recommend making these project gifts separate from your regular gifts.