What is a Small Group?

Small groups are gatherings of eight to twelve individuals or married couples who meet in homes or online. These groups commit to share life and faith together. A great group includes time for both relational connection and discussion that challenge members to grow spiritually. A typical group meeting will consist of social time, spiritual discussion, and prayer.

When do Small Groups meet?

Groups choose the day/night of the week when they want to meet. Most groups meet weekly for 1.5 to 2 hours and take breaks during the holidays and summer.

Where do Small Groups meet?

Most groups meet in homes though some meet in the church facility, a workplace, or other gathering location.

What types of Small Groups do you offer?

We offer Small Groups for married couples, men, and women. Groups are available for various stages of life. We also offer groups specifically for those in their twenties.

What other types of groups are offered?

We offer other three to eight-week groups throughout the year including groups for exploring faith, financial management, relationships, parenting, and more.

Is childcare provided during regular group meetings?

Group members will need to arrange for childcare during group meetings. Some groups arrange collectively, and others arrange individually. We provide a financial supplement (at a predetermined rate) for childcare expenses incurred to attend regular group meetings. You can access our childcare reimbursement form here.

How do I join a Small Group?

Click here to learn about the process for how we help you find your people and join a group. We’re happy to assist you all along the way!