Whether we get together in person or on Zoom, we’re still gathering with the same purpose. We create opportunities for students to serve in an area of passion, connect with mentors to walk with them through high school, and reach their friends who are far from God. Those are the things that are going to help high school students grow their faith through the challenges of this season of their life.


If we really stop and pay attention, it’s easy to see how nearly everything and everyone around us has the potential to have an effect on us. And if that’s true, then that means each person has the potential to have an effect on the world around them, too. From family to classmates to neighbors, everyone you know has an effect on somebody around them. In other words, you have influence, and what you do with that influence matters. In this series, you’ll be challenged to pay attention to your “you effect,” encouraging you to use their influence to improve and impact the lives of the people around you.