We’re excited to show our community we’re FOR them in a new way. As we pursue building our first non-portable facility, we aren’t doing it just for us.

We’re building a place FOR Calloway.

We will create a helpful place for the community to be better together.

Since our church began, we’ve invested time and resources into making our community better. Below is a glimpse of how we’ve invested in our community over the past few years.

We will create an authentic place where following Jesus is practical and personal.

This is a place to help you thrive, grow, and be confident that your next step is your right step. We believe you matter and living your purpose will benefit everyone. This is a place where you will know we are FOR you and God is FOR you.

We will create a fun place where kids and students know they are loved.

This is a place designed with the next generation in mind. We will use this space to strengthen families and create memorable experiences for kids and students. We believe the next generation can make our communities better if they know we are FOR them.